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TwoSix Six Week Wellness Challenge

Say Goodbye To Inflammation and Reset Your Mind and Body With Our 6-Week “TwoSix Six” Program

If you’re looking for a sustainable way of enhancing your health across the board, then this program is the perfect option for you.

“TwoSix Six” is run through a mobile-friendly app, available for you 24/7. Here’s what it includes:

Join TwoSix Six-Week Challenge Today and Reset Your Health - The Right Way!

Looking for a quick diet “hack” to lose weight fast? This program is not the place for you.

I’ve seen firsthand the dangerous impact fad diets have on the body. The “TwoSix Six” program doesn’t focus on hacks, tricks or internet trends. It breaks down key areas of your health (inflammation, cognitive function etc) and works towards enhancing them through sustainable, everyday nutrition options.

And yes, we have plant-based options available!

Another area of health this program focuses on is stress management - a crucial tool needed to avoid burnout.

Stress management starts with two areas:

Working on stress management has been a crucial part of my journey towards bettering my overall health…

And I want to help you do the same.

The TwoSix Six-week challenge contains daily stress management lessons to help you take control of your mind, and find peace across key areas in your life.

Breathwork is my essential stress-reducing practice. There’s a reason I teach it in our TwoSix Corporate Programs and workshops…it’s simply that powerful.

Breathing is the gateway to taking back control of our autonomic nervous systems, these being:

Sympathetic (Fight or Flight)
Parasympathetic (Rest and Digest)

In this challenge, you’ll learn exactly how to breathe, and how to leverage its power in your daily life.

I’ll also send you weekly mindful messages / work-ons to help keep you on track in this journey towards improving stress management

Every day, we move. It doesn't matter if it's just a few minutes, or if we're moving in ways we don't always think of as "exercising." The point is to keep our bodies active and engaged with the world around us, and create presence with our daily activities. 
Depression is thinking about the past 
Anxiety about the future
Within presence, these things do not exist 

When you're moving, your body feels better, and your mind does too. Whether you prefer working out at home or in the gym, the TwoSix Six-week challenge will help you find your physical flow through movement. 

Business owner, or busy parent - it doesn’t matter. The TwoSix Six-week challenge was created with you in mind. 

By the end of your six-week journey, the “TwoSix Six” program aims to leave you:

- Mindful of the importance of nutrition - with a range of amazing new recipes sent to you each week
- Equipped with the right knowledge to continue fuelling your body with the right foods
- Understanding what is needed to mitigate stress daily (the healthy way, of course)
- Aware of the power of breath work and mental well-being practices (...and able to follow these protocols daily!)
- A newfound perspective on the simplicity of physical movement, and a foundation for you to build upon

This app is a culmination of what I’ve learnt over the last decade of health & wellness trial & error. Think of it as your own personal “health reset” of sorts.

I’d love to see if it can help you!

If you’re interested in getting started - leave your contact details here. I’ll get back to you immediately with the steps needed to kick things off!


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