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About Two Six Wellness

We're not your average wellness provider.

We offer a refreshing, holistic view on health & wellbeing for individuals, groups, communities & workplaces.

TwoSix Wellness is committed to elevating individuals to their highest state of wellbeing.

But what does TwoSix Mean?

In numerology, the number 2 is the number of cooperation, teamwork and emotional introspection
Number 6 is the number of the homemaker. Number 6 is the first perfect number, meaning that it is both stable and harmonious.

When you put these two numbers together you get a stable and reliable team player and partner whose energy and thoughts revolve primarily around the team and compassionate activities.


The Number 8, however, is a highly functional energy involved with achievement and success.

8 is the number of the builder, the energy that makes the creation of large organisations possible.

Through movement, breath-work, nutrition, and connection (back to nature, one’s inner self and to all around us) we can help create the perfect “TwoSix” individual or organisation.

By bringing together New Zealand's most passionate and dedicated health and wellbeing professionals, we are a wellness provider that offers a diverse range of holistic tools and expert guidance to help you achieve your goals. Wherever you are in your wellness journey, we can help; with workshops, retreats, one on one coaching, corporate challenges, and endless online resources... We welcome you to join the TwoSix movement to discover your true potential.

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