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Corporate Wellness Program

Engaging wellness talks, health challenges, 
and programs that employees 
are raving about

What are our corporate wellness programs?

  • Top Seller:
    Corporate Wellness Challenges

    Our corporate wellness challenges are our top seller with businesses wanting to help their staff. We help to transform your staff to become better versions of themselves.

    Our corporate group wellness programs take place over 3-12 weeks and work intimately with your staff to provide them with education about their wellness.

    We will provide your staff with: 
    - Weekly nutrition programs along with education about their food choices. These can be personalised to each individual, or we can send out generalised plans for the whole office to be involved in. 
    - Workout libraries to do from the gym or home (no equipment required). OR Personalised workout programs for each individual. 
    - Yoga, Pilates, & Mobility options. 
    - Daily mindfulness practices & habits to incorporate into their daily habits. (meditations, breath work and education around mindfulness)
    - Accountability Check-ins.
    - Staff on demand to answer questions and help them over any hurdles that arise.

    All of this is accessible via the TwoSix Wellness platform - an online app. where they check off tasks every day and can ask any questions for support.

    Staff and businesses then have the option to continue on an open-term employee wellness support program. 

  • Workshops

    Our workshops can be presented both online and in person and can cover a range of topics. 
    - Nutrition - We can cover a range of nutrition topics suited to your needs. (how to eat to your goals, healthy snacking, a balanced diet the list goes on) 
    - Stress - understand the science of stress and learn how to take back control. 
    - The how what and why of mindfulness.
    - Breath-work - Physiology vs Psychology. 

  • Off-site activities

    We take your team on single or multi-day team-building activities tailored to your needs and can work with you to create an activity to suit your business.

    Group off-site activities in the past have included hiking, breath-work, cold immersion, contrast therapy, exercise, nutrition and yoga.

  • Ice Baths

    Learn the science of ice baths from our qualified instructors - we come to your worksite with everything that is needed to run a full ice bath workshop. 

It's time to influence change in the workplace - and what better place to start than with your teams wellbeing?

Why workplace wellness?

If you want a successful, productive business, let's face it - you need to make sure you have one thing: happy, healthy employees.

There's no two ways about it. If you invest in your teams health and wellbeing they will be happier people. And not just at work - but in every aspect of their lives. 

It's human nature to care more, to invest more, when you feel cared for and invested in. In a workplace setting, it means that if your team feel valued, and feel like their employer genuinely cares about them, they will say thank you in productivity and effort. The work they put out will not only be done more efficiently, it will be done to a higher standard. 

Why? Because Happy People Just Care More

And we're not just saying that either! There is plenty of research to back this up.

So, if you want to influence change in your workplace, and create better business outcomes - start by investing in YOUR PEOPLE first.

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TwoSix Wellness helped me find the work life balance that I was looking for. I would definitely recommend Twosix Wellness for any corporate environment.

- National Bank Group

Kia Ora, I'm Josh!

Certified Nutrition, Training, Wellness & Breathwork Coach.

Nice to meet you. I'm the owner of TwoSix Wellness and head trainer here. I'm ready to support your team through their wellness journey so your business can have a happier, healthier team. I work with individuals across Aotearoa with excellent success stories. 

I help people gain perspective, feel happier, create healthier habits, have a clearer mind and ultimately become their best version of themselves - whatever that may look like to them.

Sign up now for 2022/2023 start. Limited spaces available.

Fill in your details so we can get in touch about onboarding your business to our corporate wellness program.

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