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Wellness Retreats

Corporate & private bookings available

A custom wellness retreat made to suit you. 

Unwind at one of our wellness retreats

Book as an individual or enquire about custom group packages, tailor-made to your needs. Our wellness retreats are single or multi-day excursions that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated & relaxed. Our aim through these retreats is to press the reset button and help you or your group unwind and take it all in. 

While each retreat is unique in its own sense, most of our retreats will offer some combination of the below activities:

  • Breath work classes

  • Yoga

  • Cold immersion therapy

  • Contrast therapy

  • Hiking / getting out in nature

  • How to take back control of stress as a system

  • Mental health workshops

  • Evidence-based workshops on mindfulness, nutrition, movement, stress and so much more

Refocus on your health. Unwind from your busy day to day. Renew your energy!

Top 10 Reasons to Book a Wellness Retreat

  1. Unplug

    In today's world, we are constantly connected to our phones, laptops, and other devices. We use social media and technology as crutches when we're feeling down in order to distract ourselves from the things we don't want to face. Our retreats offer guests the opportunity to unplug and truly get away from it all. You can focus on your goals without any distractions. 

  2. Connection

    A wellness retreat gives you connection. You will be given the opportunity to really connect with your colleagues, friends, people you haven't met before or even simply with your inner self. 

    "We are hardwired to connect with others, it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering"
    - BrenĂ© Brown. 

  3. Nutrition

    Build a better relationship with food and nourish the body from the inside, learn how to eat to your goals, and still enjoy it. 

  4. Reconnect with nature

    Nature has been proven to improve your mood, reduce stress & anger, improve physical health, and improve confidence, so why not reconnect with her.

  5. Educate

    At a TwoSix Wellness Retreat you will be educated on all aspects of wellness, and the science behind it, so that you can take what you learn and reintegrate it into your everyday life. 

  6. Stress management

    We will teach you key protocols for stress management and the science behind it, including breathwork, cold immersion and so much more. 

  7. Suited to your budget

    If you are booking in a group we can tailor the retreat to suit your budget. 

  8. An opportunity Reflect

    Reflect on your inner self and come out feeling stronger and more motivated than ever to achieve your goals. 

  9. Movement

    Movement releases endorphins, helps release stress, strengthens joints and ligaments and helps emotions move throughout bodies We aim to teach you to come up with simple movement plans to help benefit your life that you can practice from anywhere you like. 

  10. Breath

    Breathing is the gateway to taking back control of our autonomic nervous systems - sympathetic (fight or flight) vs parasympathetic (rest and digest).

    So are you breathing correctly? We will dive deeper into the power of breath!

Book Your Private or Corporate Wellness Retreat Today

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Dealing with Two Six was so easy and they created a great program that exceeded our expectations. Participants left feeling relaxed, refreshed and asking for future wellness events. Thanks Two Six!

- Bank of Melbourne

Kia Ora, I'm Josh!

Certified Nutrition, Training, Wellness & Breathwork Coach.

Nice to meet you. I'm the owner of TwoSix Wellness and head trainer here.

I help people gain perspective, feel happier, create healthier habits, have a clearer mind and ultimately become their best version of themselves - whatever that may look like to them.

I look forward to facilitating your retreat - be it for a private group, or a workplace. I work with you to understand your goals from the retreat and tailor make an itinerary to suit you. 

Book Your Private or Corporate Wellness Retreat Today

Fill in your details so we can get your group booked into a wellness retreat.

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