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6 Ways To Help Get Back On Your Feet

We are all entitled to feel sad, just as we are all entitled to feel happy. Both are natural human emotions. When we become sad or stressed, whether it be from our work, our relationships, our family, or the pressure we put on ourselves, some of us become caught in a state of personal persecution and we begin to feel trapped as if there is no reasonable way out. Sometimes it can simply be a matter of listening to your body. What does it need? What is your body telling you? Are you exhausted? Have you been sleeping well? Have you been nourishing your body with the right foods? Think about the advice you would give your closet friend and take that on board in your own life. Allowing yourself the time to just be and to accept how you feel may seem simple, but it’s often just what you need - time and clarity.

Here are 6 simple ways to help you get back on your feet:

Perspective: Step back; pause, what is the issue? Can you see the positive in this situation? Everything happens for a reason; even if you can't see it at that moment, each and every moment in your life is teaching you something.

Fresh air: Take yourself outside! Go for a walk, or just sit in the sunshine. Breathing in fresh air will not only increase your blood circulation, it will lower you stress levels and give you the clarity you need.

Talk: Tell someone how you are. Just voicing those feelings can be therapeutic. We spend so much time in our own heads that we can over think or stress about any situation. It’s always great to get advice from loved ones

Take your mind off it: Do something you love! Play your favourite song and give your mind a chance to forget the problem...and dance!

Forgiveness: Let it go. All emotions are natural; we are all same and yet we all face different obstacles in our life. Accept that life can be hard and understand that these challenges will only make you stronger.

Laugh: Try to remember that it will all make sense one day. Find a way to laugh out loud,
watch your favourite movie, and call a friend you know will make you laugh or think back to a funny memory. Laughter is free medicine and we all deserve to feel good!

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