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A Different Angle for a Healthier You.

Today we are hitting you from a different angle. Instead of solely talking about how and what you eat, we are giving you two unconventional changes you can - and should - make to become healthier!

1. Detox Excess Oestrogen

Nowadays we are bombarded with environmental toxins. We are breathing chemicals we shouldn’t be, eating things that were never meant for human consumption, and slathering products on our skin that we would never put into our mouth. Things seem to be getting worse and I’m a firm believer that all of these things are negatively affecting our health.

Unless you want to build yourself a BPA-free bubble and live inside of it, here are some things that you can do that will help:

Make sure your meat and all animal products (including dairy) are pastured and humanely raised, without antibiotics or added hormones. Buy organic whenever possible, especially when it comes to thinned skinned fruits and veggies such as berries and greens

Eliminate the usage of plastic bottles (Tip: use glass bottles or glass jars)

Eliminate the usage of plastic Tupperware, and do NOT heat your food in/on plastic containers in the

Stop using toxin-laden household cleaning products and switch to something more natural or make your own.

Switch to organic skincare and cosmetics. Whatever you put onto your skin gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Think of how hard your body has to work to get rid of all those weird ingredients, fragrances, and toxins.

2. Get More High-Quality Sleep

One of the best things you can do for your health and happiness is; get a good quality sleep! The biggest problem with sleep is that people simply don’t prioritise it. We are on the go all day long and by the time we finish work, gym, eat, and shower it’s already 9pm. We are exhausted, but what do most people do? Lay on the couch and stay up for a few extra hours just to watch TV or play around on the internet. The next day we are groggy, exhausted, and extra hungry.

The solution: Just go to bed. Artificial light radiating from the screen (TV, laptop, phone, or otherwise) disturbs our melatonin production, So turn off electronics an hour before bed so you can start to unwind and use a Himalayan salt lamp with a dull orange glow instead of a bright night light. 

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