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What is a Wellness coach?

A wellness coach is your dedicated guide and champion to help you reach your full potential

Using a holistic lens, wellness coaches look at your four core needs as the foundations to living a more fulfilled and purposeful life. Community, physical, mental health and spirituality are what every human needs to reach their full potential, when all of these segments are balanced or worked on, the benefits are endless, joy, freedom, happiness, clarity, optimism, productivity, and more!

This is a journey of self-development to better meet these needs

What is involved?

Customised to your lifestyle & budget, your 12-week experience includes:

· A dedicated & certified wellness coach

· Unlimited email and phone support,
with you every step

· Custom nutrition plans specifically
tailored to your goals (skin health,
weight loss, muscle gain etc)

· Exercise programs designed to suit your

· Weekly zoom check-ins and goal

· Guided wellness protocols (breathwork,

· Weekly progress reviews and

· Advice for stress mitigation and mindful

What to expect from wellness coaching:

After an initial consultation, your coach will help you to identify what’s holding you back from aligning with your best self and then work with you to craft a tailor made plan to work enhance or kickstart your core needs. From here, you will have your very own champion, supporting you every step of the way with resources, tools and checkpoints for progress.

Be prepared to take the most exciting and fulfilling leap to finding the best you this year with our

1-on-1 Coaching – A Guided Wellness Experience.


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