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Be a Nice Human

How to be a nice human....

While confidence is important when trying to get ahead in this world, the key to getting all the way to the top is simply to stay humble. Although they seem the complete opposite at times, confidence and humility aren't as different as you may think!

Being humble shows those around you that you place yourself at the same level as them, and not above them. That you not only value their opinion, you take it in with great appreciation...this doesn't say that we are not confident in our own beliefs, we most definitely should be. But we also recognise and appreciate the beliefs of others around us.

Here are 6 simple ways to be a "nice human"...

1. Say “please" and "thank you,” and mean it!

2. Talk less and Listen more.

3. Tell your boss or co-workers that they’re doing a great job.

4. Be empathetic to all - remember you never know what someone may be going through at any point in time.

5. Acknowledge people, open doors for strangers, use kind gestures every chance you get.

6. SMILE! You will never tire of the difference a simple smile can make to yours or someone else's day!

Humility will not only benefit you in terms of physical health, mental health, relationships and spirituality, but it will also benefit those around you. People will be more attracted to helping you succeed, and when surrounded by positive people, in turn you will grow in all aspects of your life.

After all, we are all human - lets play nice together!

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