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Simple Ways to Refresh Your Inner-Self

Are you looking for easy ways to refresh the mind, body, and spirit? Why not try these simple Do-It-Yourself tools...

The Breath

Something as simple as controlled breathing can help guide the movement of your body and quiet your mind, consciously pushing positive inner energy through your mind especially when you find yourself in a negative headspace. Start by practicing non-judgment and begin to unite with your flaws and understand that some days your practice will be easier than others.

The Body

Don't we all want to make the best choices for the body? This means food and drink choices, exercise choices; how we choose to treat our body every day, how we hold our body as well as how we walk, sit as well as rest.

In our Wellbeing Programs, we like to offer simple movements to do at any time and any place, we also make sure our the food we serve has a purpose because we know first hand that refreshing the body isn’t just about the outside it's about nourishing your insides and that means making better food choices, Nourish your insides and ask yourself are you doing the following:

  • Are you Eating breakfast?...this will wake up your metabolism and get your engine moving!
  • Are you Skipping meals? we’re so hungry by lunchtime we end up eating everything in site. Eating breakfast will help keep your body strong and mind sharp all day!
  • Are you using Breakfast as your chance to increase your fiber intake? We all feel better when our bowel movements are regular!
  • Is your first meal a healthy breakfast? If yes, you will set the mood for lunch and are more likely to choose something nourishing for lunch if you’ve given some attention to your breakfast choices.

The Mind

Refresh your self-love...It might sound silly but Self-love is the first step in becoming the healthy person you can be. At times you may not even realise how hard you are being on yourself and how often you are vibrating negative feelings towards yourself, creating a strong and healthy connection with you is not an easy process and does require time, commitment and energy.

By taking the time to refresh routines, rituals and by scheduling time to care for you and your needs, will mean you are establishing a firm foundation on which to build long-lasting, honest, and open relationships with others

Write down your GOALS...then take action!

This time find an affirmation that (actually) means something to you.

Think big yet start small.


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