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26 Simple Ways To Practice Self Care

Little Self-Care Ideas for the Mind, Body & Soul…

  1. Wash it off – Take a long hot bath, with some magnesium bath salts and your favourite essential oil. (we’re crazy about lavender oil super relaxing)
  2. Get lost – go for a long walk in nature by yourself find somewhere new you’ve never seen before.
  3. Change it up – find an activity you’ve always wanted to do but never tried, join a Zumba class, learn a different language, something for YOU.
  4. Get Lit – ok, not in a conventional way, we’re talking candles! Something about candles is just so soothing! (Our favourite at the moment is Sea Spice & Driftwood from Dusk)
  5. Strip – again not what it sounds like! We’re talking stripping your wardrobe! Fill a garbage bag full of all of those clothes you ‘maybe might probably not but will keep it in case’ clothes that you’ve kept for years at the back of your wardrobe! Take them down to your local Salvos! Trust us you’ll feel liberated!
  6. Splurge a little – treat yourself!! 9 times out of 10 you’ll talk yourself out of buying something for yourself that you really want for silly reasons! Give in, get that dress, those shoes, that bag, go for it!
  7. Read a book – Even just a trip to a bookstore gives us a warm feeling inside, there’s something about the smell of a new book that’s comforting, is that just us? Even re-reading an old favourite book, that way you know it won’t disappoint (We recommend reading The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama and Deshond Tutu)
  8. Switch Off – that’s right! Turn your phone off even if it’s just for half an hour!
  9. Meditate – if you’ve never really been able to grasp the art of meditating, never fear! There are thousands of guided meditations available on YouTube!
  10. Cook – cooking can be an extremely satisfying task when there’s no pressure, find a healthy recipe that you’ve always wanted to try! Go for it!
  11. Breathe – spend some time mindful breathing, whenever you have a minute take 5 deep breaths to get your oxygen flowing!
  12. Hydrate – This is a no-brainer; your body needs water! More often than not we don’t drink enough of it! Try to have a tall glass of water before and after every meal.
  13. Make your bed – Literally, the state of your bed reflects the state of your head! Clearing your room of clutter often clears your mind of it too!
  14. Three good things – Try writing down three things you like about yourself each day
  15. Exercise – Take a yoga class, sign up for pilates or just sweat it out at the gym, your body will thank you!
  16. Date yourself – Take yourself out to your favourite café for a herbal tea
  17. Talk it out – have a long conversation with a friend or loved one, discuss something you’re passionate about, express your ideas and share your concerns, you’re never alone!
  18. Take it to the road – Go for a long drive by yourself (a trip to the beach no matter what the weather is like is our number one go to, something about the ocean is just so peaceful, use that time to look out to reflect and clear your mind)
  19. Music – Listen to your favourite album!
  20. Laugh – watch a funny movie or your favourite stand-up comedian, laughter truly is the best medicine
  21. Get creative – find a creative outlet for yourself, you don’t have to be arty or crafty to be creative, colour in a colouring book, draw something, start a herb garden, journal, paint!
  22. Pamper – pamper yourself, go and get a manicure or pedicure, a massage or facial
  23. Sunshine – find a quiet spot outdoors in the sunshine. Vitamin D is ESSENTIAL to your health and happiness
  24. Practice gratitude – train yourself to acknowledge at least one thing you are grateful for each day
  25. Check in – Check in with yourself frequently, ask yourself; “what do I need today?” Then, go do that thing!
  26. REMEMBER self-care is essential to your health and wellbeing!


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