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Meditation at your Desk – A Simple Way To Be Mindful At Work

We know it can be tough to regularly dedicate time to your mental health and wellbeing. This five-minute meditation is an immediate and powerful way to bring focus back within and to refresh the brain during those busy days.

1. Find a comfortable quiet space in the office (utilise a boardroom or lunch area during a quiet time)
2. Close your eyes and begin to create space in the body, start to soften the shoulders, then the face and belly.
3. Connect with your breath and notice the change in body as you begin to concentrate on your inhale and exhale.
4. create a constant rhythm with your breath, inhale for four counts and exhale completely for four counts.
5. As the thoughts come crashing in, acknowledge them, and then let them go…
6. observe the sounds, energy, people around you then let them all go.
7. Use your the breath to guide you and continue to centre on the rhythm.

Stay for 5 minutes…Then gently and slowly open the eyes and take a deep stretch into the body. Namaste.

Controlled breathing can help guide the movement of the body and calm the mind, spending time on ‘you’ will encourage positive inner-energy, particularly when you find yourself completely surrendering to the breath. Remember, to stop throughout your busy days and connect with how you’re feeling in that instant – use those feelings to guide you into your next meditation.


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