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Yoga serves as our trusted tool for relieving stress, and we've compiled a selection of five yoga poses to aid you in reducing stress in your life. It's important to note that stress is a natural response in our bodies, and its impact can be either positive or negative on our overall well-being. In the modern world, many of us grapple with daily stressors.

In ancient times, the stress response had a beneficial purpose, triggered to shield us from imminent danger - the classic "fight or flight" scenario. However, we've come to realize that our contemporary minds and bodies respond differently to this residual survival mechanism. Nowadays, we frequently contend with daily stress, which, in the short term, might not be detrimental, but over time, chronic stress puts our health and well-being in jeopardy.

Here, we delve into five yoga poses aimed at easing your mind and body:

UTTANASANA - Standing Forward Bend: Forward Bends offer a means to literally "let go" for your mind and body. Uttanasana, in particular, is a marvellous pose for escaping the chatter of your mind. This asana causes your head to drop below the level of your heart, redirecting blood flow to your brain rather than your feet. This oxygen boost rejuvenates your cells, calming your mind and, consequently, alleviating stress and anxiety. The beauty of this pose lies in its accessibility - you can practice it anywhere, anytime. Personally, I adore Uttanasana for its remarkable stress-relieving effects on my shoulders and neck.

SAVASANA - Corpse Pose: Savasana, also known as the Corpse Pose, has its name for a reason. It's essentially the equivalent of lying down without engaging your muscles. It serves as the ideal conclusion to your yoga practice and your day. This deep restorative pose grants your body, and more importantly, your mind, permission to rest profoundly. In Savasana, your body and nervous system enter a state referred to as "rest and digest." This state enables your central nervous system to unwind, restoring equilibrium to your mind, body, and spirit. In Savasana, your limbs are extended, palms facing up, and your neck is completely relaxed.

VIPARITA KARANI - Feet up the Wall: Position your pelvis atop a cushion and extend your legs up the wall. Viparita Karani is often hailed as the "Jewel for Women in Yoga." This asana is also known as the 'inverted lake,' founded on the belief that blood and hormones circulate more effectively through the body when it is inverted. This supported inversion places your pelvis above your heart, creating a reservoir of energy in your pelvis, which has a calming effect on your heart and mind. This pooling effect invokes the relaxation response, soothing your central nervous system and restoring your body. A mere 5 minutes with your feet up the wall equates to a rejuvenating 30-minute power nap!

PASCHIMOTTANASANA - Seated Forward Bend: This pose boasts numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Seated forward bends extend the lower back, hips, and hamstrings, inducing a state of tranquillity. When your heart and head are positioned lower than your spine, it has a calming effect on your entire nervous system, effectively reducing stress and alleviating feelings of depression.

BALASANA - Child's Pose: Balasana is a gentle, restorative pose that encourages the body to find balance and release tension. It brings about relaxation and calmness in both the mind and body while elongating the entire spine. By initiating the relaxation response in this pose, you can release tension in the lower back, ease menstrual cramps, alleviate PMS symptoms, and promote normalised blood flow throughout your body.

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