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We Create Healthier, Happier Employees That Kick Ass.

Excuse our French, but we're not here to ... spiders as some would say! 

Do you want your team to get sh*t done & feel good about themselves doing it?

We know that our wellness program will create happy and healthier people. 

We also know that you want to hear us say things like "our program will boost your bottom line" or "you will become an employer of choice". Because you respond to that language! 

But... everyone talks like that.

We're not everyone. We're a holistic wellness provider...

that actually helps your team change to become their best versions of themselves. And they will reward you for it!

If you want to...

  • Actually feel like you're making a difference in your teams lives
  • SERIOUSLY improve your workplace culture
  • And have a team that feels ALIVE and empowered every day

Then you're in the right place. Our corporate wellness program isn't like any others. We don't just come in for a one hour session to teach your team how to deal with burnout. We create programs tailored to your team and help them become their best selves. 

And when your employees are investing in themselves, you are investing in a better workplace.

Don't just take our word for it... we've worked with:

TwoSix Wellness helped me find the work life balance that I was looking for. I would definitely recommend Twosix Wellness for any corporate environment.

- National Bank Group

Join the TwoSix Movement

TwoSix Wellness is committed to elevating individuals to their highest state of wellbeing.

We bring together New Zealand's most passionate and dedicated health and wellbeing professionals, we offer a diverse range of holistic tools and expert guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Let's implement a wellness program for your employees - and kick ass together!

Workplace wellness has many benefits

Hey hey!

I'm Josh!

It's bloody nice to have you here! I'm stoked you're seriously looking at investing in your teams wellbeing & I hope TwoSix can make a good fit with your business.

A bit about me...
I'm a Certified Nutrition, Training, Wellness & Breathwork Coach.

I've been in the health & fitness industry for a long time and I am the owner and head coach here at TwoSix Wellness. I'm the person that will be in your emails after you sign up for our workplace wellness program helping to tailor make a solution to suit your team. 

Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to work with you!

Join the TwoSix Movement Today & Get Kick Ass Employees Tomorrow!

So, you want your team to be their best versions of themselves?

Great. You've come to the right place. We're going to work well together.

Fill in your details in the form below, let us know about your and the company you represent - and we will give you all the juicy details about how to sign up for our corporate wellness program. 

Let's kick ass... together!

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TwoSix Wellness Is Your One Stop Wellbeing Hub

We offer a range of services for individuals, private groups, workplaces & more.

A refreshing, new way of looking after your employees wellbeing. Bookings essential.

Close your eyes & imagine your best self... that's what this program will help you to become!

A custom wellness retreat made to suit you. Corporate & private bookings available.

Breathwork, yoga, cold immersion therapy, stress management, mindfulness and guest speaking.

Our Wellness Mag is regularly updated with heaps of useful information and tools.

Let's Chat! I'm Ready When You Are!

Book in a time that suits you to chat about how TwoSix Wellness can help you! Or send us an email today:


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