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Auckland Sound + Breathwork Journey 28/04/24


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Kula Muriwai
505 Oaia Road, Muriwai 0881
5:30 PM - 7:30PM
Sunday 28, April
Please park at the top carpark. 

Presented by Joshua Fankhauser & Shardasia Schwass

The breath is the gateway to taking back control of our autonomic nervous systems. Fight or flight (sympathetic) vs. Rest and digest (parasympathetic).
It is the literal light switch to fluctuate between the two.

In this session, we will learn tools and techniques to help regain control of our nervous system and unlock healing that we never knew before.

We will then take a deeper dive into the breath where we will unlock emotions, traumas, and energy that has been suppressed so that we can feel, heal and experience true freedom from within.

Detox: Breathwork releases toxins from the body and provides powerful health benefits from increased energy and immunity to reduced inflammation.

Trauma release: Breathwork is helpful for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences and can assist in individuals in processing traumatic past experiences, resulting in an increase in wellbeing, confidence, inner clarity, and emotional freedom.

The quality of our breathing greatly impacts our experience of daily life and is intimately connected to our state of consciousness. change your breath and you can change your life.

The Science of Sound: Once in this deep and receptive state, you will then be bathed in an array of instruments and ancient tools that have been used in sound therapy for centuries, including an array of singing bowls, a monochord, drums, wind instruments and a gong. A main tool used in sound therapy is the Tibetan Singing Bowls, they are said to balance both hemispheres of the brain bringing it into a Theta state this allows the physical body to relax while the subtle frequencies of the bowls work to clear blockages in the energy body with each of the bowls resonating to match frequencies of each of the seven main Chakras of the body to bring the body as a whole back into a state of balance and harmony. Sound Therapy is known as a form of Theta Healing, Theta Healing is a meditative technique conducted while the client and practitioner are in a theta state, an altered state of consciousness where brainwaves are slowed to a relaxed and hypnotic state. The sound vibrations are said to work with advanced science; and quantum physics to aid the movement of energy, atoms and physical particles to allow the body the conditions it needs to replenish and restore.

Joshua Fanks - TwoSix Wellness

Joshua has been in the wellness industry for the past 12 years. 

 After spending a few years in corporate managing another startup he saw there was a large gap between people’s mental and physical health.

Joshua then spent 2 years as head coach & nutritionist for one of the world's top trainers before breaking away to bridge that gap with a more holistic approach. 

 Through his own battle with depression, anxiety and losing family members to drug use he now makes it his mission to help others out of their dark places and ensure no one has to be there alone. 

Josh teaches individuals and large corporations how to mitigate “stress” as a whole and take back control of their lives. 

Through private retreats, in-person workshops, online programming, regular check-ins and evidence-based protocols to integrate into large businesses and people's lives. 

Shardasia Schwass is the intuitive creative behind Mindful Mindfood, an adventurous student of life and a practising student of yoga and mindfulness for 10 plus years, acquiring experiences and tools that have helped quite literally save her life.
This intuitive path she is wandering has safely guided her to India in 2018 and 2019 to attain ancient knowledge and wisdom of human consciousness found in Buddhist and Hindu philosophies along with attaining Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Reiki and Sound Therapy certifications, further on to Indonesia to connect with her native cultural lineage receiving blessings to share healing and wisdom. Further studying a diploma in Natural Health Science in 2021 towards Naturopathy and Nutrition to deepen her understanding of holistic human well-being, along with a 200-hour multi-style Yoga Teacher Training in New Zealand.
With her tools and experiences combined, she continues to share yogic practices, energy and sound therapy with singing bowls and a few other instruments to create open and nourishing portals all around her homeland of Aotearoa.

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